Day 5 Village visits

Wednesday November 25th, 2015.  

A routine that we're all loving is our 7:30am daily catch up on the roof of the accommodation overlooking the valley for our morning Worship. Worship will never be quite the same again, with this view and sunrise, it's a great way to start each day feeling connected to GOD being 1,500m above sea level.  

I still love taking in the views from our accommodation to the school which is only a 10 klm drive but takes 1.5 hours.

Today was "D" day. All of the work of the last 2 days were to come to a head today. The 1st final coat of paint on the 2 new classrooms.

The library had received its 2 coats of "Cream" paint-we were delivered purple, but the school principal was okay with that, so the library now sports a couple of fresh coats of purple paint. We stopped at a village on the way to the school to collect a few boxes of books that would later be catalogued and  ready for the students to use once the new library was complete.

Once again, we had a great opportunity to play some sports with the students of the school for about 1 hour. Today we played volley ball. Actually they played volleyball, we played chase the ball. These kids are incredibly agile and fast. Even the principal and key staff were super swift with their serving of the ball.


The highlight for us today was to spend a good couple of hours in the village at one of the houses and we were treated with dancing and music. This was arranged by the village women's group.