Day 6. Transformation of the rooms and the sporting event of the trip.

Today, as per every other day, we start with worship on the roof. I've said it previously, but being this high up, with these views is a great way to start each day reflecting and also being at one with our amazing God.

The street food looks and smells amazing.

Today I learnt that anything that is not recycled is burned.

On our way to the school we stopped in town to collect some key items. Paper, Markers and other tools to help us catalogue the books to go into the library and the collection of the carpet for the library. 

At 1pm each day we join the school for 1 hour of sports, be it soccer or Volleyball. This interaction with the kids is very special.

And so it finally was the time for our soccer match. This was coordinated very professionally and was a lot of fun. Let's just say that no one on the Aussie side could remember the final score....