Day 3 Welcome at Project site, Dhurikhel School.

Day 3 started with our morning worship and preparation for our departure to the school and project site.

With restrictions at the Indian border stopping the supply of many items including fuel, the streets are lined with unattended cars, trucks, motorbikes queueing for fuel. These can often mean main roads are bumper to bumper for klms on end on both sides of the road, in the hope that when the supply of fuel is flowing again, vehicles low or out of fuel can at least refuel so that these vehicles can be used. At the moment the locals are having to leave their vehicles by the side of the road and carry on with their lives. usually that means walking or by pushbike.

Every road, path or alley is anyone's dream for taking photos. There is literally no way that anyone could take a boring or bad photo. There is so much happening, people riding to the shops for supplies, catching the bus (on top of it) school children as young a 3 walking to school.  

Arrival at Dhurikhel School (Our project site)

The welcome ceremony was fantastic. We were given such a warm reception. The kids performed a dance for us and sang the Nepali national anthem for us.

Images of the school and the views

Meeting the children of the school in the classrooms

Time to get the project underway

After some fantastic planning led by Paul Bower and group discussion we were able to get started on the work to be done this week.

The local kids were so warming and friendly. Here 3 students sit with Nicole and Sarah as they watched our boys play a friendly game of soccer with the locals.