Welcome to 2014

Welcome to 2014 and the 1st installment of our commitment to regular blogging. 

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and great New Year.

Our intention with this blog is to tell the story of our photographic journey. Through our posts on this blog we hope that our many loyal followers of our facebook page, twitter and more importantly our past and future photowalk and workshop participants can use this blog as a useful source of information. Whether the content is used or not is not as important as providing the information, it's up to each individual to determine if they wish to adopt the hints, tips and suggestions. So here goes tip #1, Our first for 2014...

What is back button focussing? Well, to start with the default way of focussing on nearly all cameras, the shutter button when half depressed activates the focussing based on where the focal point is. This works well until you need to quickly focus on a fast moving subject or wish to frame and refocus. The accuracy of this technique is very hit and miss, or more miss than hit. 

When in manual mode, why control every other function of your camera like ISO, shutter/ exposure and aperture and not choose how much control you have over focussing, and where the focus is?

The great people at Pretty Presets have written up a great  article about this topic and we thought we'd share it with you in this first blog post. Click the following link to visit the article.

Thanks Mark