June 2015 Portrait Workshop

Sunday June 14th, 2015.

10am to 5pm

Bring Cameras, Flashes, Reflectors and creative minds.

This session is split into 2 segments;
1) In-Camera composition and lighting techniques  (initial 4 hours)

2) Introduction to Editing for the enhancement of portrait photography (proceeding 3 hours)

Learn about different lighting techniques to help bring out the best in your surroundings, creating portraits that are flattering and require minimal to no editing. Learn about the difference between flash portraiture and natural light portraiture. 

$199 All day seat in shooting and Editing segments
Requirements: A firm understanding of the MANUAL mode on any DSLR is essential, therefore this workshop is aimed at advanced beginners to intermediate users, camera brand is irrelevant.

We also cover some other key topics:

  • The differences between shooting in JPEG and RAW

  • The fundamentals in editing, why modern mainstream photography is so dependant on editing

  • We'll also cover the differences between available editing programs, presets, actions and online tips

  • The differences between lenses. What is a zoom, a prime, what all of the numbers mean on the barrell of the lens, selecting the most appropriate lenses for the genre of photography you like to shoot