Large Album Video

Each Wedding Photographer shoots a certain way, at Clarisse Photography we work with each and every couple to understand who they are, what they like, what they don't like to understand how to make you feel totally comfortable with Mark. We work backwards, the end result is that you should have an amazing, huge and gorgeous wedding album. So everything leading up to the point of viewing your album is aimed at the end result. Your Album. The way the wedding is photographed, each frame, your mood, how you look and feel is reflected in your images. 

Experience your very own wedding album designed by your photography studio, CLARISSE Photography, because we shoot every Wedding with the album design in mind. Each shot, each sequence, each emotion.


  8"x11"    |    10 Pages/ 20 Sides   |   Image Cover or Leatherette   |   $   650

11"x14"    |    12 Pages/24 Sides    |   Image Cover or Leatherette   |   $   850

12"x16"    |    16 Pages/32 Sides    |   Image Cover or Leatherette   |   $1,050

All of our albums are sent via an online draft prior to orders being placed.

Choice of paper available (POA)

Choice of page thickness (POA)

Additional pages available at $80 per page/ double side


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