Chloe and Graeme's Spring Sunset Engagement Shoot

Back in July I was hired by a good friend of Chloe & Graeme's to help photograph their engagement party at Melbourne's fantastic Docklands. 

With Etihad Stadium and Channel 7 as the backdrop and the water in the mid-background, I directed Chloe and Graeme to embraced and instantly they began to get quite intimate with each other on the 1st floor balcony, but little did they know that the entire room full of their guests were watching.

So I began to shoot. As a photographer there are certain moments when you know that the frame you just captured was pretty special.

This is that image... 

Chloe & Graeme during their engagement party in July 2014.

Fast Forward to Spring

So, about a week after this awesome shot, Chloe emailed me about their interest in doing an engagement shoot. Can I tell you, I think I jumped out of my seat because these guys were naturals in front of the camera. To spend an hour and a half or two hours with these guys at the beach at sunset was going to be awesomely wicked.

Well, last Saturday afternoon we were able to do that and spend from 4pm-6pm on the beach in Stkilda. Melbourne turned on the sunshine and for early spring 20 degrees was perfect for what we needed. Clear, skies, a beach full of keen melbournites soaking up as much sun as possible after a long, cold winter, topped off with no wind and a clear sun-soaked sunset...


Congratulations Chloe & Graeme.