Andrew + Laura's Pre-Wedding Shoot

Monday February 22nd, 2016.


Andrew and Laura's wedding is still 42 days away as Andrew's sister puts it! April 9th 2016.

The planned shoot nearly didn't eventuate because of Melbourne's incredibly unreliable weather. The forecast was 23 and showers. It drizzled ever so lightly off and on all day long. All of my shoots are held around one to one and a half hours prior to sunset, then last light is a further thirty minutes after that. As the day progressed, the cloud cover increased and became much more threatening. I was tempted (and later learned that Andrew too) were considering postponing but I'm so thrilled that we didn't. 

Even Lucy got in a few frames too.

Andrew+Laura (PreWedding_shoot)-8.jpg
Andrew+Laura (PreWedding_shoot)-10.jpg
Andrew+Laura (PreWedding_shoot)-16.jpg