How many times have I heard it? Is that a serious camera? You're using a cropped sensor over a full frame? Are Fuji even in the 'Pro' game?


Year In, year out I photograph between  30-45 weddings, as well as 25-30 Commercial jobs, engagement shoots, product photography and a lot of personal projects. I've never actually counted, but I shoot almost every second day of every year. 

In 2014 I was shooting with a CANON 5DMK2, It was a great camera, it was my first 'real' full frame camera, but every manufacturer was releasing new cool gear all over the place. I looked at the 5DMK3, it was a massive improvement over the Mk2, I had many Canon lenses, so the natural step was to upgrade to that. HIT the brakes.... I had choice, and lots of it!!!! Sony launched the a7r, Nikon released the D750, the GH4 was a gun, as was the Olympus. Then I picked up the Fuji X-T1.      

I think I hired each system at least twice, but the X-T1 came out to play around 6 times during 2014. I loved using the thing. I felt connected to it, the manual knobs were a synch to use and to be able to quickly change settings without even looking at the screen, buttons or anything, felt natural. 

Why am I posting this? As the opening line states, I'm almost having to defend my choice to the 'Uncle Bob's at most weddings, so i'm almost always justifying my choice of gear that allows me to live my life, earn a living, put my 3 kids though private high-school, as well as pay all of the bills, run my business, studio and of course money to allow us to play as a family.

Point 1:

The most important, know your gear, know it's limitations, its areas of excel and lack lustre performance, because no system or instrument is perfect.

Point 2: 

Your gear of choice should be an extension of you, allowing you to do what you do best without having to interrupt your flow, basically a system that keeps your mojo flowing.

Point 3:

The end result is all that matters. People don't care how you achieved it, if it's good, it's good because regardless of the system or gear of choice, the end user, how you edit, manipulate and enhance, you will have the ability to turn an average piece of work into a great piece of art. In all honesty, photography is two fold, initially being able to replicate your vision and influence the camera to deliver that IN CAMERA. The camera will only see two dimensional LIGHT AND DARK. However, the importance of a technically correct image is critical, the foundation, the blank canvas as it were. Only then can it be transformed into a work of art in post processing/ editing. 

Here are a few comparison frames of RAW files between the Full Frame Canon 5Dmk3 with 24-70L and the Cropped Sensor Fuji X-T1 with 35mm1.4 kit lens (35mm equiv. is 52mm)

CANON .CR2                                                       FUJI .RAF  

RAW FILE SIZE 30.8MB                                     RAW FILE SIZE 33.5MB

RAW FILE DIMENSIONS  3240 x 5760             RAW FILE DIMENSIONS 3240 x 4896

RAW FILES SOOC with no adjustments


SHADOW +100 in LR CC


100% CROP

So, which files do you prefer? Which are the files which appear more neutral, cleaner an more pleasing to the eye? When someone says to you, when this camera is better than that camera, on paper, in specs and in general, think twice because specs alone won't make it a better system...