We couldn't decide on a final portrait of us, so we included all of them...the final is on front of our neighbours awesome hedge. Luckily we have great neighbours.

We couldn't decide on a final portrait of us, so we included all of them...the final is on front of our neighbours awesome hedge. Luckily we have great neighbours.


Our Studio is located in Officer (about 50 klm's SE of Melbourne City) on the Princes Highway about 2 klm's off the Monash freeway. We're in semi rural suburbia, come visit us where the air is fresher and the skies are colourful.

Zoolander meets David Attenborough at Xmas!!!

Zoolander meets David Attenborough at Xmas!!!

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About Mark & Tracey,

Hi there, thanks for stopping by our website and checking out what it is that we love to do! If we've not already met in person, we are Mark & Tracey, a husband and wife photography team based in Berwick in Melbourne, Australia. We've been married for 19 years and have 3 amazing children together. Our eldest son Bailey also helps out and does the photo-booth for us quite regularly. We love to have fun, lots of it. Some may say we're a little crazy, but we love crazy and generally encourage our clients to be a little crazy to help let their guards down and feel completely comfortable with us...

Our not so little family taken Dec 2014 on our Road-trip on the east coast of Australia.

Tracey's love of children and people and Mark's love of art, design & creativity has resulted in this very page you're now on, doing what we both love, sharing our passion for photography. We love to make our clients feel relaxed so we capture the true you. Our first priority is to make you feel comfortable so that you don't mind being photographed. Secondly, we work very closely with you in helping to deliver what it is you want, proofing and co-ordinating images with your decor is a big part of our service.

So we work closely with you from the first point of contact, be it email or phone, right through to delivering your finished pieces and every important decision along the way, but our main aim is to create an atmosphere that is relaxed and friendly, but a professional environment and most importantly create a little bit of fun along the way too...


For us, photography is a passion that allows us to re-create beautiful memories of that very moment in time, be it a wedding, a family portrait or product shoot. These are all milestones and only the skills and services of experienced photographers can help deliver a premium image. If conditions are less than perfect, we know where to position to extract the best out of the location. If the location isn't delivering what we need, our experience and knowledge in the Adobe suite of products can help us to achieve our vision. 

We prefer outdoor shoots as the natural lighting and locations can be moulded into what we envision, but we're also not afraid to add artificial lighting to help create the look we're looking to achieve.

We've invested hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in equipment, knowledge, tried and tested different scenario's so that we can deliver an image that you'd expect from an experienced professional. We even teach photography to photography enthusiasts via our Photowalks & Workshops so we can be sure that we are always at the forefront of modern photography, by extracting the best possible image from our DSLR's and accessories and create an exceptional image in post editing. We also participate in regular TFP shoots to hone in on our skills as modern photographers delivering the latest trends and looks to our brilliant clients.

The gear we use>>>

From time to time our clients ask us what gear we use, at the moment we use a combination of Canon Professional full frame bodies and professional quality prime lenses and more recently we've added some Fuji mirrorless gear. We use mainly prime lenses (non-zoom lenses) which allows us to get in amongst the action and allows us to use our cameras without flashes and create more natural looking images. These lenses give us super sharp subjects and crazy beautiful, creamy and blurred backgrounds, which in portrait photography is the number one most important ingredient. 

The photography industry is currently going through an almighty change. Changes in the quality and performance of gear, smaller, lighter cameras delivering images that are better than the top of the line pro cameras that weigh and cost many times more. More on that is soon to be available over on the blog. We find that these newer smaller systems allow us to be more inconspicuous but maintain superb image quality when shooting weddings and events.  


Where it all started...

October 2012 we shot our first wedding and since have been so hooked on weddings that in late 2014 we shot almost 70+ weddings and engagements, have booked an amazing 40 for 2015 and secured 10 for 2016.

In today's connected world, we are all more disconnected to each other than any other time in history, so we focus on the personalisation of in person service. Everything is online and the physicality of life is almost a distant memory. But not with us!!!!

We meet up with our clients at the time of booking in our studio to learn about what is important to you, we discuss your style of wedding/ event or images. This is especially important to hear about other wedding nightmares you may want to share, for you to get to know us better, what your interests might be and most importantly find out what's important to you and your families on your big day.

Some Saturday Fun

On January 4th, we were lucky enough to spend the day in the city (in Melbourne) without or kids. 

We set our Facebook followers a task, to set us a challenge of items to shoot.

This video is the culmination of all of the images we took during this fun exercise.



Thanks to everyone who participated.....


Mark + Tracey.

A bit about TRACEY...

Running the Maternity and Newborn components of the business, Tracey has completed a Certificate in Photography and is an active member of 'Heart-Felt' & 'Very Special Kids'. She's attended industry leading workshops and is in contact with many seasoned active photographers.


Tracey is also the album designer at Clarisse Photography.



MARK loves the artform of taking photos, but also being able to completely transform it into art...

Mark is self taught and although experience can sometimes can be a great teacher, Mark has also worked alongside industry leaders and attended workshops in the business of photography in February 2013 with Matt & Katie Photographers who are in the top 5% of successful Australian wedding photographers. Mark has recently also worked as a second shooter for James Day who is one of Australia's premier wedding photographers. 

A lover all things Apple, gadgets, coffee, fine food, fine art and most things that are far too expense for the depth of my pockets, I'm young at heart and love meeting new people. I find people fascinating and love to hear their stories... 


In March 2015 Mark became an Accredited member of the Australian Institute Of Professional Photographers which ensures photographers are always up to date via constant training, information and in turn providing a minimum standard of photographic excellence onto their clients.

Click below to view a recent behind the scenes of Mark at work in a commercial shoot.

Thanks to Philip at Thick Black Frames for the awesome footage.

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Contact Mark:  0418 113 696 (Weddings/ Commercial) or Tracey 0405 541 523 (Maternity/ Newborns)


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